8 Things I Like to Do Every Morning

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When I wake up in the mornings, it’s a blessing. Life is so precious and anything can happen. After the loss of my younger brother who passed away in his sleep last month, my mindset going to bed every night has changed. It’s unfortunate that tragedies like these oftentimes are our wake up call to be grateful for everyday we’re granted. My article, written almost three years ago, is what inspired me to write this post today.

Over the years, I’ve changed my morning routine several times especially with my determination to lose weight, but there are still 10 consistent things I do in the mornings so I’m sharing them in no particular order:

  1. Brief “thank you” prayer. When I first get up, it takes me a few minutes to  open my eyes, but I like to say a thank you prayer to God for waking up alive and well. It helps me start the day with Him on my mind.
  2. Make the bed. It’s not my favorite thing to do but the few minutes I spend doing it helps me to fully wake up. By the time I’m done and opened the blinds I feel ready to face the day.
  3. Drink my water with tea. Hubby is usually up very early and is so sweet to make me water with a tablespoon of diet raspberry tea in my favorite cup. He keeps it in the frig and brings it to me every morning. I so look forward to it.
  4. Quiet time. I do like having about 10 minutes or so to just be quiet. I’ll silently pray for the day and for my friends/family’s needs. 
  5. Map out my daily to-do list. I keep several journals and one of them is for my day job. I like to write down deadlines or tasks I need to do. It helps me stay organized and productive.
  6. Check my emails. Guess there was no way I could leave this off my list! But many of my emails are advertisements so I like to quickly go through these and delete the ones I’m not interested in. I don’t like my messages piling up, it kinda makes me feel nervous and overwhelmed.
  7. Map out my crafty tasks. The evenings are when I craft so in my other journal, I write down techniques or designs I want to learn, projects I need to complete or new card designs.
  8. Hubby talk time. Before I start my work day, I like talking to hubby. We discuss what we have to do that day, any upcoming appointments or tasks for the week. 
What things do you like to do in the mornings to get your day started off? I’d love to know, feel free to comment below!

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