7 Desktop Apps I Can’t Live Without

I admit that I’m a techie girl, I’ve loved computers ever since I got my first Apple. And I still love technology even when it frustrates me to pieces! Mixing it with art is fun but daunty too, still it’s how I’m able to live 3,000 miles away from my day job clients. I’m also thankful that it’s brought me together with like-minded people that are my friends whom I’ve haven’t met in person. Technology when used right is incredible.

So I was thinking about the software apps on my laptop that I simply can’t be without and why.

  1. Photoshop. As a creator, this program is my most-used and a must-have! I do all my image resizing and correcting in it. I create web graphics and also design flyers and ads. 
  2. Acrobat DC. PDFs are a must have when dealing over the net. What I like is that I can send a document to someone with all the color, fonts, and images in tact so they don’t have to install special fonts or anything to see it as it was designed. 
  3. Microsoft Office. I use Excel and Word everyday for spreadsheets and documents for my day job. I also use Excel for my household bills and to keep up with the budget for our photography business.
  4. DRIVE. I use this daily to share files with my client. I also like it to share a file if I’m collaborating with someone. It’s not like Sharepoint, but it’s a free alternative.
  5. TimeEdition. I love this little app that keeps me on track when I’m working on a project. It lets me know how long I’ve worked on a task and I can run reports for a specific time period. It’s how I keep track of my workload to bill monthly for my day job.
  6. PhotoSync. I like this program for sharing photos from my phone to my computer. It also shares across other devices.
  7. Roboform/1Password. Both of these programs do the same thing, encrypts and stores login information for websites I visit which means I don’t have to remember my passwords every time I go to a site. Roboform is for Windows and 1Password is for Mac. Love these apps!