50 Things I’ve Learned Living in this Odd World

I know the term, “the new normal” is being used a lot to name this weird world we’re living in, but I don’t like it, never did.

Adapting to change isn’t always easy, but mosttimes positives come out like with the invention of the car as opposed to horse and buggy for travel, electricity as opposed to lamps and candles and email/texting as opposed to mail couriers for communicating. But these recent events of 2020 are anything but normal and certainly not positive. Still, and it may take digging deep to find, there are some good things going on to and those lessons are not always easy to find.

It’s certainly not the world I grew up in and at times it’s plain scary. That said, I believe there are still miracles going on, positive news is still out there (even if we don’t hear or see it a lot in the media) and there are awesome people who are considerate and helpful to others. So, today, I’m breaking from my usual card posts to share 50 things that I’ve learned living in this odd world:

  1. I can only control my actions and reactions to the things around me.
  2. I’m in much more prayer than ever before.
  3. I can’t change a person’s heart to show kindness. I can only show kindness myself and hope it touch that person’s heart.
  4. Stress is a killer and I can’t let it kill me.
  5. Look for the good things God has done because He’s still blessing me.
  6. Arts and crafts are a game changer for my life.
  7. I still love to blog.
  8. Creating handmade cards gives me warm, happy feeling inside.
  9. My hubby is a super hero!
  10. I’m glad for my best friends, don’t have many but I don’t need many.
  11. The Bible is my guideline for navigating through life.
  12. I choose the people to follow.
  13. I must stay busy.
  14. I can’t save the whole world, but I can plant seeds along the way.
  15. Some social media posts don’t need a comment.
  16. Choosing to only keep up with important news is better for my mental health.
  17. I don’t spend hours on social media… only posting on my Facebook business page and Instagram.
  18. Doing much more de-cluttering and donating.
  19. Organizing my craft room helps with anxiety.
  20. Improving my art skills is still a priority.
  21. No matter what’s going on, there’s always something to be grateful for.
  22. I don’t need TV anymore.
  23. Nothing wrong with having a dream to shoot for.
  24. Living with neutral colors makes me happy.
  25. I love a clean office desk.
  26. Eating six times a day in smaller portions is better for me than three full meals.
  27. Treating my mental and physical issues holistically works best.
  28. Don’t like talking long on the phone.
  29. Don’t need much makeup or fingernail polish anymore.
  30. Don’t need much sleep, but I still like to be in bed at a decent hour.
  31. Preparing for an upcoming day’s activities the night before puts me in a better mood to attack the next day.
  32. I’m not afraid to press “unfriend“.
  33. I will NOT tear someone down to build myself up.
  34. Toxic people will suck the life out of you.
  35. Need to write more in my journal.
  36. I love time to myself to recharge.
  37. Crowds make me nervous.
  38. The things I can’t control, I need to release to God.
  39. It is possible to enjoy life in the midst of chaos.
  40. I’m glad I started my business in 1999.
  41. So thankful to be part of the cardmaking community. Everyone is so helpful, encouraging and supportive.
  42. If something is meant to be, I don’t need to worry about it.
  43. Don’t need to beat myself down when I don’t create a perfect card all the time.
  44. It’s okay to not be okay 24/7.
  45. Time is flying by faster than ever.
  46. A thick vanilla milkshake takes all the problems away.
  47. Laughter is medicine and I love a good ole belly laugh.
  48. I miss hugging some of the folks who work at my local grocery store.
  49. Still a gamer, but I’m not addicted to gaming.
  50. I love a big, soft warm blanket.
50 Things I've Learned Living in this Odd World