5 Pitfalls to Avoid when Starting a Blog

Yesterday, I started a new blog series and in this post: “How do I know if I should start blogging“, I talked about the intricacies of blogging and when to know if it’s something you really can commit to doing. 

In today’s post, I’ll be talking about five pitfalls to avoid when starting a blog. I made a bunch of mistakes when I first got started so I hope to save you some headaches by sharing this info

The digital world is changing everyday.

I’ll be counting down backwards from lowest to greatest, so here we go:

Avoid switching blogging platforms in midstream.

Decide upfront which one you’re using: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, or any other and stick to it. Too many changes will further complicate your site and prolong launching it. Plus, you should like the way it looks so that you’ll enjoy the experience of blogging. I have created sites that I later on hated and it was hard to work on them. Choose wisely what platform you like and is easiest for you to work with.

#4: Don’t build pages off your template too fast.

Once you’ve decided on your blogging platform, choose the template by which all your pages will look like and take your time building this one file first even if it takes you a month before you know whether or not you like it. Because once you build other pages to your site too quickly, making changes will become cumbersome, tedious, and just plain stressful.

#3: Don’t fill up your template with a lot of ads.

A few ads are essential IF you are going to monetize your blog, but don’t overdo it. No one wants to see just sales after sales 24/7. Blogging should have a happy mix of posts sharing your knowledge and experience in the topic you’re writing about, real life stories, even freebies. Your viewers won’t mind knowing what new products you have coming out when they see that your blog isn’t all about selling.

#2: Do not do any creative designing until you know your audience. 

Before you decide on a blog, do you have something to say? Are you passionate about something or good at something that you can share? I talked about this in the post yesterday. You need readers to make your blog successful. Providing good, original content is vital, so you need to know your audience and what they are interested in. I recommend writing down in a book your list of topics so you don’t run out. And, also decide how often you will write. Posting frequently will help your blog get noticed in search rankings and keep your readers interested.

#1: Creating your blog with the wrong domain name. Branding is everything.

It’s ESSENTIAL to decide on the correct name first so that Nos. #2 – #5 above will work, but also so that all the SEO, link exchanges, directory portals you do will have this name. And whatever your blog is about should be in your domain name if possible. Try a few combinations to see if your desired name is available. You can go to this site and type in a few domain names to see if they are available. Keep in mind that once you launch your blog, it will take time for Google and other search engines to crawl it and rank it. So when you purchase a domain name, you can’t change or rename it. You would have to purchase another and it will take even longer for you to go live with your new blog.

I guarantee that if you do your homework upfront, you’ll have a much easier time blogging and really it should be fun to do and not another tedious task.

I’ll continue to write more posts in my blog series, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!