The Fashion Show of My Dreams

I love fashion, but not all fashion trends do I love or follow. I follow the Lion Brand’s yearly fashion show and it never disappoints me. The 2016’s show has definitely got me excited. You don’t have to be a yarner like me to be dazzled by all the pretty things you can make with yarn. I have some favorites from the show and since the patterns won’t be available until March 15th, I’ve got time to save up my dollars to buy some of these new yarns :)

There were a couple of ponchos that are white with lovely fringes that I soooo hope they can be crocheted. The beanies were cute too and there’s one scarf I noticed that has a slit in the middle to wrap the other side through and pom poms added on the end, so cute! Can’t wait to see all the patterns on their website in March at

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