10 Things I do to Get my Creative Mojo Back

Everybody goes through a creative block now and again and right now, this whole social distancing thing has been driving me a bit batty lately. And as such, I’ve found myself easily becoming distracted and restless. And, pushing myself helps sometimes but not always. So, today I’ll share some things I do to keep my creative juices flowing. Maybe some of these tips will help you should you find yourself going through a creative block.

  1. I like to prep. Pulling out cardstock papers and trimming them down for card bases and card panels is such a big help. I can cut a whole bunch of cardstock and file them in my drawer. Then, when I’m ready to make a card, I reach for these saving me a lot of time. Another tip: I like to gather up some items I want to use and place them in a box to sit on my desk. This way I can just go to it and play!
  2. Sketch. Doodling in my art journal is a really cool way to stay motivated cause I don’t have to have a complete design in my mind. You never know where inspiration will come from and this is a great way to practice drawing!
  3. Organize my supplies/craftroom. I love having a place for everything in my craftroom. And, by looking through my stash, I almost always run across items I had been meaning to use. I can then set these aside in a box on my desk so I don’t forget to use it later.
  4. Look through magazines. A good tip is to grab a magazine and sit in my recliner scanning through pictures. That always inspires me to see different artwork pieces.
  5. Do some coloring. I like to pull out some stamps of flowers or critters and stamp some images in my art journal. Then, I can color them with whatever medium I want to use. I keep a section in it for watercoloring and for alcohol marker coloring.
  6. I play games. I’ve been a gamer since I was a little girl. My family played board and video games when I was growing up. It clears my mind, gives me a chance to walk away and get refreshed.
  7. Walk away. A new surrounding always helps me. So, I’ll go to another room, look out the window or step outside… anything to get away from the craftroom for a few minutes… even hours helps me reset.
  8. Take a power nap. Nothing like an afternoon nap to get my energy refueled.
  9. Look at other cardmaker’s works. This is by far one of the best ways to get inspired! There’s so many ways to do this. YouTube is my favorite way method because I’m a visual learner. Watching someone make a card gets me wanting to make one too. Also, I like to follow crafters on Instagram and Pinterest. There’s so much talent out there and amazing crafters who are willing to share their techniques and tips.
  10. Work on something else. That could be cooking dinner, doing some housework or even watching a movie. Putting my mind on something else can jumpstart ideas.

One other thing I like to do which I’ve mentioned in previous posts is to keep a notebook handy for jotting down ideas. How many times have I gotten great ideas laying in bed with nothing to write on and by morning, I’ve forgotten it??

Try any of these techniques next time you feel your creative mojo is weaning. And, if you have a tip that I didn’t mention, feel free to tell me by commenting below!

10 Things I do to Get my Creative Mojo Back

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