Hi, Iím Kim! Glad you stopped by!

Currently, I still work a full-time job for clients, however my dream is to fully work for myself. It all started one day when I realized I was working too long and too hard for others while longing to promote myself. I was unhappy and many of my past projects didnít work out which left me feeling worse.

I had a bad habit of starting and stopping mid-stream. I attribute that to be impatient.

Everything takes time, effort and hard work to succeed. And, it doesnít have to be perfect right off the bat. Just start something and stay with it. So, it was time to get serious. Stop just dreaming and start doing.

My background is in design and sales. After many discussions with my hubby and much prayer to God, I ventured into several projects which are linked below.
If you have a dream, go for it even if you start out small. See where it takes you. It could be your Savior.

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