Using Embroidery Floss in Crocheting

Embroidery floss is terrific as an accessory to a crocheter or knitter. I use it on large buttons that I sew onto flowers, hats, even purses. The last project was “Heavenly Messengers“, a collaboration art piece that I partnered with Kimberly McGuiness. We decided on this project for the holiday season, she is a gifted artist. My part was to crochet all the bright roses and insert colorful buttons on each one for the final artwork. So, when I went on vacation a few months ago, I stopped in at a local Joann’s and found some really neat colored large buttons and floss perfect for what I needed.


These large size buttons are perfect for attaching to crochet and knitting items with embroidery floss. Take a look at how my flowers came out. These are before Kimberly glued them onto the matte board. I purposefully chose contrasting buttons with each rose and contrasting floss to bring interest to each flower and to give each one its own personality.

Crochet roses

I love how these flowers turned out, took me literally 20 minutes to make each one, not bad! And these are perfect to add to all kinds of things: purses, hats, scarves, even garments!

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