Playing with Paper

I’m not new to paper crafting, because I used to make and sell my own greeting cards years ago, but this time I wanted to play with paper for fun and not for pure profit. You’ve heard me say how much I spend time on YouTube, but I can’t say it enough how helpful it is to find just about anything you need to learn from a video. So, I started following two channels specifically for paper arts, MayMay Made It Crafts and The Frugal Crafter. These ladies are extremely talented. I also like MayMay’s Bible Art Journaling videos. From them, I got into making greeting cards, pocket card holders, and journals that I sell at my church library.


Mainly I’m making my journals from scrapbook papers that were gifted to me, they come with various designs and I tell you, I’m so thrilled because they can be expensive to buy. The cards I make are used with card stock, my computer, and some handy dandy embellishments like: stickers, stamps, flowers, threads, buttons, as well as colored sticky papers. It’s a lot of fun and fulfilling to sell all handmade gift items, because I know that what I’m making is unique.


This video is how I learned to make the journals above. But wait…

I just got The Cinch machine for Christmas!

The Cinch MachineWith this bad boy, I can punch nice round holes and bind my journals to make them look really professional and they’ll lay flat. Hubby bought this one for me on Amazon on sale for $66! YAY! Thank you hubby! The day after, the price for it went up to $88! It is such an easy machine to use, the directions come with the unit but they’re also on the unit in case I ever lose the manual. Plus, there are tons of YouTube videos on how to use it and you can do much more than make journals with it.

I’ve played with it and already made four journals with it. The only negative I can say is that I had to order the binding wires in bulk from another source cause the company that makes the Cinch doesn’t seem to sell more than 2 in a pack. Well, that won’t work for me since I plan to make a lot of journals. But, again on YouTube, a lady shared a company website where she bought her binding wires from, I ordered them in a pack of 50, but you can also get them in a 100-pk too. They also offer coil binding in assorted colors so you can make some amazing books! The shipment came two days later! And get this, they’re also in Oregon! I bookmarked their page and I’ll get $10 off my next order. Stay tuned for pics of the new line of journals…

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