My Favorite Yarns

Every fiber artist has their favorite materials! Crocheters and Knitters are not excluded…we too have our favorite yarns we like to work with. Today’s post is dedicated to the ones I love to use! I’ve arranged this post by yarn company and then type of yarn. Hope you like my list!


Red Heart Yarns

Red Heart with Love

My favorite go-to worsted weight yarn. It has the strength of a # 4 medium yarn, but with the softness too. It comes in these colors and typically it’s around $5 a skein which makes it more expensive than Super Saver (which I still use) but I just like the softness better

Red Heart Soft

I just started working with this yarn. I am making a lot of baby items such as blankets and loveys so I wanted a soft yarn and I decided to try this. I really like it. It is a #3 yarn and I like the pastel colors the best. I can even crochet with 2 strands of yarn and make a nice thick but soft baby blanket.

Red Heart Baby Teri (discontinued)

I was given some of this yarn and I’ve made baby blankets and hats with it both crocheting and loom knitting. I really like teri cloth anyways so this yarn is perfect for something soft for kids. Too bad it is discontinued and pretty hard to find.


Lion Brand Yarns

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice

I love Lion Brand yarns. I wish I owned the all! Vanna’s choice is a nice yarn to work with and I like the colors available. My favorites are the flecks, they make awesome hats and I have both crocheted and loom knitted with them. I mainly use this for adult items because it is not soft enough for babies or kids in my opinion.

Lion Brand Hometown USA

I enjoy chunky yarns and this is my favorite of them. It’s a #5 and perfect for arm knitting scarves and thick afghans. It’s also pretty soft as well and works good also for loom knitting because you don’t need but one strand of yarn to use it.

Lion Brand Homespun, Homespun Thick and Quick

Lion Brand Homespun, Homespun Thick and Quick

I didn’t warm up to either Homespun or the thick and quick until I found a pattern on YouTube where the host showed how to use this yarn. Both brands are chunky. Homespun is a #5 while the Thick and Quick is #6 super chunky.

The trick to working with both yarns successfully is two-fold: (a) use a larger hook size anywhere from a N size up to P; and (b) if you work stitches in the spaces and not through the stitches themselves, it will help you use this yarn without becoming stressed out. Of course you have to work through the stitch on the foundation chain, but once you’re done on that, you can begin working in the chain spaces. I’ve made scarves and wraps and now it is one of my favorite yarns. Right now, I’m loom knitting with the Thick and Quick yarn finishing a scarf that’s really coming out beautiful. Both yarns are soft to wear.

Lion Brand Heartland

I tried this yarn for the first time a couple months ago and I love it. It’s softer than I thought but a nice worsted weight yarn perfect for making just about anything.

Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted Weight

I was given some of this and I was skeptical about using it because typically I can’t wear wool. But, it felt surprisingly soft and so I worked with it making a granny square blanket. I really like it and it works with the larger hook sizes which I use mainly. Not to be confused with the Wool-Ease thick and quick yarns.

Jamie Baby Yarn

I recently got my hot little hands on this yarn and it’s wonderful for baby items such as stuffed animals. I’ve made several bear lovies and a bunny lovey that I’ll soon post a pic of. It’s a sports weight yarn #3 and perfect working two strands in one for stuffed animals. The yarn works well on the hook and doesn’t slip off or fray as some yarns can do.

Fun Fur Yarn

The name is accurate, cause it is fun working with it. I add it to the edges of hats, purses, scarves, and anything that I want to spruce up! It’s a very forgiving yarn as well so if I’m adding to the edges and accidentally miss a stitch, it’s easy to hide because the yarn covers up any misses or mistakes!


Bernat Yarns

I admit that I don’t have a lot of experience using Bernat yarns but I’ve got my eye on the Bernat Softee Chunky yarn. I love soft bulky yarns for making blankets and wraps.

Bernat Baby Blanket

I was a Wal-mart a few months ago when I noticed Bernat Baby Blanket (little cosmos) yarn and so I was bought a skein. I had planned to try out making a granny square lovey blanket with it. It’s a soft bulky yarn and really requires a large hook. I used a P crochet hook and the blanket came out fine, however I didn’t like the verigated colors (pictured right) so I’ve decided to buy some solid colors next time I make the blanket. I think that if I buy brown, baby blue, and a cream color and then made the blanket, it’ll turn out the way I envisioned it!


Caron Yarns

I LOVE Caron Simply Soft yarns. It’s really soft and perfect for lacy crocheting. I’ve made several shawls and scarves with it. And, I was able to get away with using a larger hook (N) and loosely crochet for a really beautiful effect.

What’s your favorite yarn to use? Why? Leave a comment below!

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