Knit Up a Pair for Me Please!

Knitting with Bamboo

As you know, I’ve been teaching myself to knit with needles. Well, this is my second post to update you on my progress. So far, I’ve managed to knit a couple of scarves for my small teddy bear stuffed animals and I’m pretty proud of them even if they are a small item.

I’m still struggling with the basic washcloth though, I did manage to make one but it didn’t turn out exactly in a “square” like shape! LOL! Anyhoo, because I don’t knit “English” style, it’s not easy finding visual tutorials with patterns for Combined Continental and Continental style.

The video that teaches the basic pattern was very easy to see but I think I must have added more increases or stitches than the pattern called for which I didn’t realize until I got to the end. I plan to try it again but maybe on a smaller scale and then try to master that one pattern before trying something else.

For me, knitting isn’t coming together as easily as crochet did. My struggle is not so much tension but just not dropping or adding stitches as I knit. I am a crocheter, then a loom knitter, but I also want to knit with needles. And, I have a terrible tendency of giving up if something becomes too complicated. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions since I never keep any…but I do have a goal of learning to knit with needles so my mind’s made up that I will stick to it and try to enjoy the journey.

Basket of yarn, knitting

I always have more than one project on the hooks and/or needles so with my 6.5 mm needles, so I’m practicing my Continental knitting and purling. I really need to get more comfortable purling so I can eventually make a scarf with the garter and seed stitches. It’s fun to just play and not be under the gun to meet a deadline. And…so, the beat goes on…

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